Message from the Director of Education

Udaya Public School was created as a journey with a hope to fuel the imagination of young impressionable minds. The ultimate goal is to empower them through learning experience that will last for the rest of their lives. The curriculum designed by CBSE and NCERT defines what should be taught. Our role comes in the how to teach aspect. We wish to incorporate a multi-dimensional approach towards education. We, therefore, design our approach around themes with wide-ranging possibilities that are not taught in isolation but with natural connection to other related and relevant topics.

As an educational institution, we intend to create a drive and purpose for learning that allows children to be innovative-thinkers, decision-makers and responsible adults. Our teaching methodology is based on the latest scientific research and on how the brain best ‘Learns’ and ‘Interprets’ the information. It prepares a child to achieve Physical, Cognitive, Social/Emotional, Linguistic and Creative/Aesthetic knowledge. We strongly believe that conscious and continuous implementation of such inclusive aspects will result in integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

We hope that with the help of technology and a team of dedicated and motivated teachers we will be able to create a generation of active learners that can bring about meaningful changes in society.

Apurva Kanak Tripathi
Director of Education and Research

Message from the Chief Education Officer

Udaya Public School is in the continuous process of providing the GOOD (guarantee of overall development). We are only one input in the whole process in the development of child. We provide excellent education with values. It is not enough to teach a person how to drive a car, we must teach him how to drive safely.

I think that we (the school) have a very important role to play in shaping a child’s value system. The person that a child trusts next to his/her mother (and father) is her/his teacher. It is a huge responsibility that a school carries on its shoulders in shaping a child. A good school must endeavour to provide the environment and inputs for the child’s development in terms of values, attitudes, skills and knowledge.

We always try to inculcate in the child a deep desire to contribute to his/her fullest and leave the world better than what he/she has inherited. We make the child value driven, hard-working and intelligent. We try to sharpen the mind, because a sharp mind can understand sharp and it is the aim of education. We train the students for success, they must work hard, work sincerely and do not give up. We must always remember the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Those Who not succeed just give up too soon.”

With best wishes.

Jievendra Singh
Chief Education Officer

Message from the Principal

“Education is not merely a destination; it is a transformative journey that shapes individuals into the most essential need of our time : compassionate and well-rounded human beings.”

“At UPS, we are unwaveringly dedicated to our mission of achieving academic excellence. We aim to inspire and empower students to become critical thinkers, confident individuals, lifelong learners, and socially responsible global citizens.”

“Beyond academics, Udaya Public School actively encourages and provides diverse opportunities for student growth. We foster student engagement in various facets of life, nurturing leadership skills, igniting a passion for sports and fitness, instilling a genuine commitment to community service, and nurturing their creative expression. These efforts are aimed at enabling students to reach their highest potential as productive, optimistic, and forward-thinking individuals.”

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Nidhi Sinha