Internship Program

The experience gained by internships can not have a substitute. The school & college education makes a student propel into a professional sphere by earning a degree, which just represents an academic excellence in diverse theoretical and conceptual manners that a job might be implemented in. Internships can make abstract theories and concepts learned in classroom practically possible by placing the student in a work situation close to real life with real live co-workers executing actual professional tasks, which the job demands. In the progressive world, employers favor multidimensional employees who have done not only one but multi-angular internships.
Anahita Koshur
Joined on August 01, 2018 as an Intern. Loving the environment and workplace. Exploring new areas of interest and of course setting more goals.

I learned more than I ever had through theoretical classes, the practical experience is best and especially when you do it under guidance and expert faculty members of Udaya parivaar.


Jai Krishna Pandey


Jasleen Kaur Sachdeva

Joined on July 27th, 2018 and doing internship in the best environment, surrounded by best people and learning new things everyday.

An experience worth gaining to outshine in social and professional sphere.


Mohit Singh Kushwaha


Roshni Pandey

“Joined on Feb 15, 2019 as an Intern which means to be permitted inside a workplace. Here, I have refined my practical knowledge as well as personal maturation.”

“Joined on 15 Feb, 2019 as an Intern, I got opportunity to work with smart and motivated people and a chance to separate myself from the pack.”


Palak Tiwari

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