School gives four different kinds of scholarships and one complete tuition waver in form of Dr Kanak Tripathi Memorial Scholarship

  • 25% scholarship – To financially underprivileged students or the students with single parent.
  • 30% scholarship – Teacher’s Ward.
  • 50% scholarship – To meritorious students and.
  • 100% scholarship – Merit based scholarship, for meritorious and financially underprivileged student based on written exam.

More information can be obtained in form.
Besides this books, toys and other suitable prizes are also provided to the students as and when occasion demands.

Dr. Kanak Tripathi Memorial Scholarship program was undertaken in the year 2016. This program was initiated with the motive of providing quality education to the economically underprivileged children. Since 2015, we have started organizing Scholarship examination and we have selected those students who have cleared the scholarship examination and interview. This program is not just a part of our school curriculum but this is an offer to all those who want to be a part of Dr. Kanak Triapthi Memorial Scholarship.

 Sl.100% scholarshipClass SessionAmount
1Nitya SinghI80% 2019-201608
2Krishna K TiwariII80% 2019-201608
3Shaurya Shekhar SinghIII80% 2019-201608
4Shaurya JaiswalIV80% 2019-201608
5Ashwarya TripathiV80% 2019-201608
6Vedanshi TripathiVI80% 2019-201712
7Harsh P SinghVII80% 2019-201712
8Dewasya DwivediVIII80% 2019-201712
9Satvik SahuIX80% 2019-202160
10Akshat SinghX80% 2019-202160
11Harsh GuptaXI80% 2019-202520
 Sl.50% scholarshipClass SessionAmount
1Aradhya SrivastavaI40% 2019-20804
2Jasmine SinghII40% 2019-20804
3Aishwarya MishraIII40% 2019-20804
4Jeet ManchandaIV40% 2019-20804
5Vaishnavi TiwariV40% 2019-20804
6Raghav NigamVI40% 2019-20856
7Angel VermaVII40% 2019-20856
8Anuj MishraVIII40% 2019-20804
9Aditya RajIX40% 2019-20804
10Priya VermaX40% 2019-20804
11Suvansh ShankarXI40% 2019-20804