We have been conducting awareness drives and workshops to increase awareness regarding climate change for 4 years. These campaigns include interactive workshops by experts, door-do-door campaigns by young climate warriors, wall paintings, poster-making competitions and essay writing competitions.

We got affiliated by “The Climate Reality Foundation” in 2018 and trained some of our staff members in ways to reduce carbon footprint to spread the message far and wide.

We have received good coverage in the local media for the same. One of our panel discussions included experts from organisations like Greenpeace and Digital Green.

In 2019, we will be starting work and awareness campaigns with the help of the rich resources curated by the Roots and Shoots programme of the Jane Goodall Foundation.

We have a Roots and Shoots team that is working in tandem with the School’s Go Green Club under the guidance of our PGT Geography Teacher Mrs Reena Tripathi and our HR head Ms Niharika Sigh.