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August 6, 2017

As WHO has declared Depression and Stress as the 4th most urgent issue. Seeing, its magnitude a seminar was being organised for students of Class-XI . Dr.Kunwar Vaibhav, MBBS, MD & a Neuropsychiatric joined us for the session.

In the seminar, He addressed the students telling the cause and impact of depression and along with that he has given tips to cope up with them. His major inclination was on the point that ‘each and everyone of us has different brain setups, so what is most suitable for one is not the same for the second individual too’.
The seminar lasted nearly 1hour. He interacted with students and also asked them to share their views as well. It was a great experience for students as well as teachers. We all really had a great time under this seminar.




Udaya Public School is actively involved in mobilising resources to spread awareness about the silent epidemic of mental illnesses in Faizabad district.

We organise stress related seminars and awareness programs for our students.

We have a visiting psychologist from Allahabad, Mr Girijesh Srivastava. In addition to this, we also have an in-house counsellor and function as a platform that can identify mental health issues at a young age and direct parents to health care professionals. Our workshops range from sensitive use of language, identifying faulty parenting to healthy lifestyle and preventative steps for those with family history of mental illness. Our long-term goal is to build a special education wing for differently-abled students and those that struggle with learning deficiencies.

For any counselling related requirements please contact us at +91-9792101849