Climate Reality Workshop

A workshop on climate change awareness was conducted by Climate Reality leader Pujarini Sen, who has been working on climate change and energy issues for the last 10 years, on 4th August 2018. The workshop was attended by over 50 participants — teachers and students.

The workshop traced the causes and history of climate change, the impacts that are already being felt around the world, and the possible solutions. The presentation was based on the one designed by former US Vice President Al Gore, who started the Climate Reality organisation.

This was an interactive workshop and ended with a pop quiz. As a follow up, interested participants will be enrolling in and completing the online Climate Reality India Teacher’s Training Programme certification for climate change.

Our School and Five Teachers got a participation certificate on a climate  change reality project.

[Ms Pujarini Sen currently works for Greenpeace India. She has received the United Nations Global South Youth Scholarships For Climate Activism, the CHOICE Youth Fellowship for work on mental health and human rights by Seagull Foundation, and Adopt a Negotiator Fellowship for writing on UNFCCC climate negotiations). You can follow her @pujarini_sen]

Course_Completion_Certificate (5) Course_Completion_Certificate Course_Completion_Certificate

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