An orientation programme was organised by Mr Anurag Tripathi, IRPS Secretary, CBSE on 25 May 2019 in Udaya Auditorium.

He interacted with the teachers and suggested them to teach students through experience and to give students an open environment to learn and to explore themselves.

He mentioned in his speech that only to cram is not the aim of education. Children should learn through experience and for this teachers should play a very significant role. For a student, it is very important to have subject knowledge but it is more important that the student should understand these subjects.

He told that the student who learns through experience is the one who is said to have an innovative personality. He emphasized on the role of teachers to make the future of India by giving proper education to our student.

He further added the importance of correct evaluation of copies by the teachers and told that CBSE has organised the training session of ‘Evaluation of copies’ for the teachers. He suggested all the teachers go through the National Curriculum Framework 2005.

It was an interactive session that tried to disseminate effective of managing a class by keeping inclusivity and learning as the guiding principles.

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