An interactive session was organised in Udaya Auditorium for Parents and Students of class X and XII by Mr Vivek Baxi, a Certified Psychometric Test Professional, and Ms Pooja, a Senior Career Counsellor (with experience in both India & Abroad).

Mr Vivek Baxi is an MBA with a PG Diploma in Industrial Counselling and is a widely sought-after trainer renowned for his enthusiastic motivational and forthright style. A Master Trainer specializing in leadership development and Solution Focused consultancy. He has over 22+ years of experience developing leaders in a wide range of settings. He has a remarkable skill set to help people remove limiting beliefs, related to achievement and success.
In more recent years, he has become a highly respected trainer enabling the development of trainers, coaches, consultants and organizational leaders, across India. In the earlier part of his career, he has also served as Head of Training, Development and Relationship at leading
Market Research and consulting company.

Ms Pooja has done her graduation in Psychology from Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow followed by a Masters in Psychology. She has also completed her post-graduate certificate in Psychological Counselling from the Christian Counselling Centre, Vellore with an internship in the prestigious CMC Hospital. In 2017, she topped the Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling with Distinction. She has conducted numerous workshops and individual career counselling sessions for students across India and the Middle East. As a trained Counsellor, she has mentored students to help them gain confidence and unleash their true potential. She is involved with the Studies Abroad Guidance programme, wherein she
also helps students identifying the courses and campuses best suited to them followed by providing expertise in the admission process.

It was an interesting session that disseminates a lot of unhealthy and inappropriate behaviour that children exhibit is actually an outcome of faulty upbringing. It is imperative that for children to be happy and healthy, parents must create a joyful, loving and pleasant atmosphere at home. Talking to children and listening to them, befriending them, accepting both their failures and success will go a long way in helping them to grow to their full potential.

It was a fruitful session greatly appreciated by the parents who attended.


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