Report on Literary Workshop

On 23 January 2020, a Literary Workshop was organized for the students of class 9th by the Literary Club of our school with the aim of stimulating students’ interests in English Literature and Language, where the Resource Person was Mr. Ashu Arora, an Economics Masters from Ewing Christian College, University of Allahabad Prayagraj.

The main objectives were:

– To ignite a passion in students to learn English in a creative way so that they were able to communicate and express themselves efficiently
– How to reduce fear, hesitation and get confidence in learning (some quick exercises)
– Ways/Methods to improve English and oratory skills (thoughts, actions)

The workshop was divided into two parts –
1) motivational talk session
2) A technical session

The School wishes to have more workshops like this for the betterment of students and is thankful to Mr. Ashu Arora for his time and efforts!

71th Republic Day was celebrated in UPS family with enthusiasm and zest. This day marks a day when the guiding principles of our constitution were brought into force.

The Celebration started with flag hoisting followed by cultural performances that included patriotic songs, speeches, dances and skits. The cultural department put forward a fantastic show that enthralled all viewers.

The speeches by Erum Nazir, Sudhansu Singh and Shikha highlighted the need for this nation is a renewed commitment to the values of diversity, inclusivity and secularism that are enshrined in our Constitution by the members of the constituent assembly under the guidance of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar.

The Udaya family wishes a Happy Republic Day to all!!

Read-a-thon was organised by the literary club for the first time in UPS.

It produced phenomenal readers and the erudite participants inspired librarians and teachers to update their reading list. All participants will get to add a favourite book of their choice to the school library.

The winners are:-

– Rajat Kaushal Of class VII A2 secured I Position and received cash prize of 1500 Rs.
– Archita Oberoi of Class XI Hum secured II Position and received cash prize of 750 Rs.
– Unnati Singh of Class VI A4 secured III Position and received cash prize of 750 Rs.

We congratulate all the winners. The organising team and interview panel did a tremendous of selecting winners.























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