Social Science Exhibition

To engage students in critical social research and to connect the learning in to local, national and international context Social Science Exhibition was organized in UPS where following students for their respective model selected as winner:-

(1) In Senior Group:-

-Lavish (Team leader), Uday, Divyansh, Anant Ajendra of Class IX A2 secured Ist position.
-While IInd position was secured by following students for their respective model:-

:Suhani (Team Leader), Yashshavi, Arya, Khushi, Anshika, Sandhya of Class IX A1
:Vasudha (Team Leader), Aastha, Saumya, Vasudha Singh, Aastha Yadav, Kalpana, Sneha, Aanchal of Class IX A2
:Aish Agrahari (Team Leader), Vaishnavi, Shiwalika, Jai Pratap, Aniket, Avinash of Class IX A4
:Ayush Shukla (Team Leader), Samrat Vikram Singh, Shivansh, Mohd. Zaid, Aadarsh of Class IX A5
:Tulika(Team Leader), Garima, Neha, Abhilasha, Priyanshi, Akshita of Class X A1
:Aniket (Team Leader), Fahad, Aditya, Vivek, Tushar, Aman, Mayank of Class X A2

In Junior Section (VI -VIII)

-Anupriya (Team Leader), Aditi, Aditi Mishra secured Ist position.
-Piyush Singh (Team Leader), Aditya, Aaryasvestha, Aviral, Sayed Nizamuddin, Ashmita secured IInd position.

The School congratulate all participants as well as winners including mentors for their efforts and hope to have more such events in future!


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