Class- 3, Syllabus | Term- I (2021-22)


             SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT-1 Syllabus 2021


English-I. Chapter-1 Paper Kite

                  Chapter-2 Ellie Makes New Friends

                 Chapter-3 The Coconut Tree

                Chapter-4 Brother

                Chapter-5. The Dreamcatcher

                Chapter-6 The Donkey in the Well

               Chapter-7 The Birds’ Bath

English grammar- Chapter-1 Sentences

                                 Chapter-2 Nouns

                                  Chapter-3 Verbs

                                Chapter-4 Articles

                              Chapter-5 Pronouns

                             Chapter-6. Adjectives

                             Chapter-7 Adverbs

                            Chapter-8 Prepositions

                           Chapter-9 Conjunctions

                             Application Writing and Comprehension

Hindi-I Chapter-1 आया प्रभात

             Chapter-2 लोहे का तराजू

             Chapter-3 हिमालय

             Chapter-4 वर्षा

            Chapter-5 पौधों में जीवन

            Chapter-6 कोयल

            Chapter-7 हमारी आंखे

            Chapter-8 जयपुर की यात्रा

Hindi grammar- Chapter-1 भाषा           Chapter-5 लिंग

              Chapter-2 वर्ण.                         Chapter-6 वचन

              Chapter-3 मात्रा.                      Chspter-7 सर्वनाम

                Chapter-4 संज्ञा.                   Chapter-8 विशेषण

Chapter-15 पत्र लेखन

Chapter-16 अनुच्छेद लेखन

Chapter-20 अपठित गद्यांश

Maths- Unit-1  (4- Digit Number)

             Unit -2 Addition

             Unit-3 Subtraction

            Unit-4 Multiplication

           Unit-5 Division

           Unit-6 Fractions

S.St- Chapter-1 Families

         Chapter-2 Girls and Boys

         Chapter-3 Work Around Us

        Chapter-4 Caring for Each Other

        Chapter-5 Staying Safe

        Chapter-6 The Earth and the Solar System

Chapter-7 The Earth is Unique

   Chapter-10 Why We Learn About The Past

   Chapter-15 Being a Good Citizen.

Science- Chapter-1 Animals and their food.

                 Chapter-2 Our Safety

                 Chapter-3 Our Houses and Clothes

                 Chapter-4 Soil

                 Chapter-5 Solids, Liquids and Gases

                 Chapter-6 Living and Non- Living Things

                 Chapter-7 Plants

Computer- Chapter-1 Introduction of Computer

                    Chapter-2 A Computer System

                    Chapter-3 Understanding Windows 10

                     Chapter-4 Word processor- An Introduction (Microsoft word 2016)

                      Chapter-5 Fun with Paint-Ms Paint.

G.K- Unit-1 Our Soldiers, Our Pride  pg.1

                    Religions of India.          pg.2-3

                    First in India.                  pg.4

                    Heritage of India.         pg.5

                    Ports of India.               pg.6

                   Rivers of India.              pg.7

                   Folk Music.                    pg.8

                   Folk Dance.                   pg.9

Unit-2 Traditional Games.            pg.10

            Players in a Game.            pg.11

            Indian Sportswomen.        pg.12

            Different Yoga Poses.       pg.13

Unit-3 Books and Authors.           pg.14

           Animal Groups.                   pg.15

           Groups of Things.          pg.16

          Riddles.                            pg.17

         Sounds.                            pg.18

         Word Meanings.             pg.19

         Stories.                             pg.20

Unit-4 Useful Plants.               pg.21

           Amazing Creatures.      pg.22-23

           Roots and Stems.         pg.24

           Unique Birds.                pg.25

           Types of Animals.       pg.26-27

           Animal Walk.                pg.28

Unit-5 Currencies.                 pg.29

            Tourist Places.          pg.30

            International Sports persons        pg.31

            Continents and Oceans.                pg.32

            Mountain Ranges.                          pg.33

            Sobriquets                                       pg.34

Art- Hungry frog

        Fruit basket (pg.7)

        Pussy cat (pg.11)

        Flying bird (pg.12)

        Rainbow (pg.16)

        Peacock (pg.20)

        Fishes (pg.27)

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