Class- UKG, Syllabus | Term- I (2021-22)

English Oral
Rhymes – If I were an apple , I am a little
teapot , Pussy cat Pussy car , Traffic
English Witten –
Words of sound a,e,i,o,u
Sound Blends
Double Letter Words
Related exercises.

Maths Oral & Written
Forward counting 1 to 200
Backward counting 100 to 1
Number names 1 to 50
What comes After/Before/Between
Put the sign (> , < , =)
Bigger / Smaller number
Pre maths concepts (Heavy and Light,
Long and Short , Full and Empty , More
and Less , Same and Different)
Table of 2, 3, 4


EVS Oral /Written
Body parts, Sense organs, Uses of hands
and legs, Healthy and Unhealthy Food,
People who help us, Good Habits, My
Family, Safety Habits.

Art & Craft
Draw your favourite Fruit and Vegetable
and colour it neatly.
Make Dog face by paper folding.

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