Social Science Exhibition – 2019

“The social science offers equal promise for improving human welfare. Our life can be greatly improved through a deeper understanding of an individual, collective behaviour. But to realize this promise the social science like the natural science need to match their institutional structure to today’s intellectual challenges.” – Nicholas A. Christakis

On 9th August 2019, the Social Science Exhibition was held at Udaya Auditorium.

As a guest of honour Dr Mahendra Pathak, H.O.D (Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archeology Department), K.S. Saket P.G. College, Ayodhya was present.

The chief guest, accompanied by the members of the school management committee visited the entire exhibition and appreciated the innovative and environmentally sustainable ideas that were presented.

The exhibition showcased various projects and models prepared by the students as a part of their project-based learning methodology.
The projects and models that were put on display were related to the field of social studies, encompassing the subjects History, Civics, and Geography. There were models and charts depicting life right from the Stone Age to the Ages of Communication, Information Technology and Climate Change.

All Social Science teachers under the guidance of our Principal, Vice Principal and Social Science HOD Mr Siddhartha Shankar Tiwari worked tirelessly to make this exhibition a creative learning platform.

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