‘Fit India Movement’ – 2019

On 29 August, 2019 as per the guidelines of CBSE, launch of ‘Fit India Movement’ was telecasted in Udaya Auditorium, where not only the honorable Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi launched the Fitness movement but also explained the need, requirement, and role of fitness in current aspect, so that we can take our country to another level. The highlights of the events were:

Pre-lauch Ceremony:

(1) During pre-launch ceremony the role of fitness was displayed that made everyone amaze, which focused on following points:-

(a) Fitness in Sports

It was told that fitness is essential of life where fitness is highly require in every game played in our country like- Kabbadi, gilli-danda, kho-kho, kancha etc which focuses on physical activities that can improve health through –
(I) better mental fitness
(II) helpful in concentration
(III) Control on breathe
(IV) To touch heights with better body control
(V) Exercise of mind and veins

(b) Fitness in Art:-

It states that cultural art of India across different region focuses on fitness, as in cultural dance as- Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Garba etc.are not only dance, indeed is a practice of fitness focuses on following –
(I) make bones and wrist stronh
(II) to bring flexibility in body
(III) for sharpness, stamina

(c) Fitness in normal life-

Various activity that we used to do in our life are highly dependable on fitness like – Cycling, Walking etc. It also states that student must have balance diet, and they must play outdoor games which will enhance fitness skill in them.

(2) Post launch ceremony:

During Post-launch ceremony Shri Narendra Modiji launched the event and told everyone everyone should be aware of their health so that they can convert themselves to a human capital. Highlights of speech were:
(I) That event is launch on Sports Day as one of the greatest sports person of India Dhyanchandji drag the attention of world through his fitness.
(II) life style diseases like hypertension etc are increasing day by day even in early stage of life which can only correct through proper life style order.
(III) He said that he wants people of India should focus on health so that we can create One India, Great India, Fit India.

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