Trip to International Ram Katha Sanghralaya and Parle-G Factory

Date : 27th August, 2019

Attended By : Class 3rd to 11th students

School Trip : To International Ram Katha Sanghralaya and Parle-G Factory

Organisers : Interns Department and Literary Club

Trip Report

The school wants to encourage active field trips for all grades to be able to let the students to create and explore new ideas, and learn how physically market works. To give them chance to learn diverse and an interactive things.

In Sanghrayala students got to know how widely accepted Shri Ram Ji is, not only in India also in foreign countries like Thailand, Cambodia. And they saw the tableau of the incidents happened in past and heard story from Sanghralaya’s  guide and students interviewed him by their queries.

In Parle-G Factory, the instructor showed the animated video in which student got to know how Parle products are manufactured like variety of toffees, biscuits, snacks, etc. although, here in Faizabad factory only Parle-G biscuits are manufactured.

Students saw how women were working continuously without wasting a single minute under high temperature . Factory also supports women empowerment .

This is how students were empowered with facts and figures concerning the world outside the academics.


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